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Food Trend We Love: Cone Food!

A cool food trend is taking over weddings and events!

 If you are looking to impress your guests at your wedding then this trend is definitely the way to do it.

Foods that are in cones or that are made in the shape of cones are not only a new idea, but they are actually easier to serve and to eat at weddings and events.

Click here to see all the cone food ideas we have for you!

Pizza Cone Main


Would You Use Marzipan Fruits at Your Wedding?

How about using marzipan fruits at your wedding?

You can also decorate your wedding cake with marzipan fruits, include them in your dessert or candy buffet and give them as wedding favors to show appreciation to your wedding guests.

Here are some marzipan fruit ideas that you can do at your wedding!

Marzipan FruitsMarzipan Giveaways