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Stress Relief Tricks from Around the World!



As a bride-to-be, you’re most likely inclined to feel stressed and worried about your wedding and all the planning issues that come along with it.

So we decided to give you tips from around the world to help you distress. Here are some de-stressing techniques used across the globe:

Russia: The hot sauna called “Banya” is the go-to place when Russians are stressed. The heat will make you sweat and relax. Can’t make it to the sauna? Take a hot shower for 10 minutes to lift your mood.

Denmark: Create a “Hygge”, which means a cozy atmosphere, and being happy without anyone being in a rush. So entertain your guests without worrying too much. Don’t stress over every detail, as this can be very overwhelming.

Turkey: We are all familiar with the “Turkish Bath”, take your close friends, mother, or sister and enjoy a relaxing day at a Turkish Bath near you. You can search for Turkish baths and spas through our online directory of wedding suppliers.

Sweden: Swedish people enjoy “Fika”, which means Coffee Break. Take a coffee break with your close friends and unwind.

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Wedding Guest? Avoid Doing This…

You know how there are times when one guest at a wedding can do something to completely inconvenience the bride and groom, (and possibly embarrass themselves and others) but they are completely unaware that they’re doing so?

We’ve compiled a list for you, our dear wedding guests, just to make sure you don’t miss any details on what you should not do at a wedding. You know, just to be sure…

Don’t RSVP at the last minute. The happy couple and their families have put a lot of time, effort and money into planning this wedding. It is common courtesy to RSVP to the invitation within the time they have set for you.

Don’t call the bride or groom a couple of days before the wedding and ask if you could bring a ‘plus one’. If you are a close friend of the bride or groom, ask them well in advance if you could bring your significant other, if they have not been invited already.  Read the whole list>>>>

Audrey Hepburn: Your Wedding Day Inspiration!

Audrey Hepburn is an all-time style icon, and who wouldn’t want to look as beautiful as Audrey Hepburn?

The Hollywood star was known for her iconic updo and ankle-length puffy dresses, and most of all her fabulous pearl jewelry.

So if we want to bring Audrey’s classic and elegant style to 2012 your wedding look should be something similar to this>>>>