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List of Accessories for the Groom

Cufflinks, Bow Tie, Shirt Studs, even Tuxedo Slippers? Here is a list of all the accessories a groom can use on his wedding day to look absolutely flawless! See them all here>>>



For the Groom: What Should You Know About Your Suit

You might think that grooms don’t face as much hassle as the bride when getting ready for the wedding, but getting to the final look as a groom is not that simple!

Here is what you and your groom should know when it comes to his wedding suit:

Decide on a Style:

Don’t decide on what you want to wear the last minute. You never know what might need any alterations.

Listen to the Bride:

She’s a lady and knows best, and will give you great advice. She wants you to look as good as possible, believe us!

Check out the full list here >>


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