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Wedding Movies: A Great Time to Spend with Your Loved One

ImageWhat better way to spend a relaxing evening with your fiance than watching a romantic comedy together?

You have probably already seen a few wedding movies together, but forgot about the other lovely movies that are worth watching for the first time or for one more time. The beauty of watching these wedding movies during your engagement is that you can both relate to them in so many ways. They also provide a great source of inspiration for your wedding theme, decoration, fashion and beauty look.

We have compiled a video gallery of 26 wedding movies on Arabia Weddings that includes trailers of well known Hollywood movies from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which we in the Arab world can relate to a lot, to more recent movies like The Vow, although more dramatic than the others, Bachelorette, and The Five Year Engagement.

Enjoy browsing through the trailers here >>>