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Groom Style Inspiration from The Most Handsome Arab Celebrities


We have compiled some of our favorite looks of Arab celebrities who are known for being handsome and stylish to inspire your groom’s style and look:

Groom Fashion Inspiration: Hasan El Shafei

Groom Fashion Inspiration: Ragheb Alama

Groom Fashion Inspiration: Wael Kfoury

Groom Fashion Inspiration: Khaled Selim

Your Groom Fashion Inspiration: Bassem Youssef


Your Groom’s Fashion Inspiration From Arab Celebrities

Just like brides need some inspiration when it comes to their bridal fashion, makeup, and hair, grooms need inspiration as well! Check out our groom section for the latest men’s fashion tips and trends!

Here are the two celebrity inspirations this week on Arabia Weddings:

Groom Fashion Inspiration: Khaled Selim

khaled selim style


Your Groom Fashion Inspiration: Bassem Youssef

Bassem Youssef

Latest Groom Fashion Trends This Season

 Grooms’ suits and fashion trends change from season to season and year to year.

Here the latest groom fashion trends we came across this week:

Polka Dot Shirts for The Groom

Groom Fashion Trend for Summer 2014: The Seersucker Suit

Dear Men: Embrace the Turtleneck!



This season, the turtleneck or high-neck has been seen all over the runways of high-end fashion shows.

And how convenient is it for this cold, cold winter?

Turtlenecks always look better worn underneath something than on their own.

Did you know? Steve McQueen, named The King of Cool, was a big fan of turtlenecks>>>>



Best Accessories for Men in 2013



Winter clothes are easy to update if you don’t want to splurge on a new wardrobe makeover, all you need is a few of the latest accessories and you will look stylish all winter.

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Gloves: Gloves are great to keep your hands warm, but also as a fashion statement.You can go as colorful as you want this winter, the bolder the colors the better.

Trapper Hat: Yes we know some men would not be caught dead in these hats, but sorry to tell you gentlemen these hats are really trending, and have been seen a lot on the runway. They actually look really good on the models so maybe you should give them a try.

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