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The Latest and Strangest Divorce News This Week On Arabia Weddings


This week we came across a lot of strange divorce news!

Check out the latest news related to divorce from around the world:

India: Divorce Case Continues for 23 Years

London Crowned As World Divorce Capital

Yemen: Man Divorces Wife and Marries Her Sister Because of Qat

American Wife Divorces Saudi Husband Via Email

Saudi Woman Divorces Husband with 5 Riyals




Craziest Marriage, Divorce, and Wedding News This Week


We bring you the craziest and weirdest stories and news when it comes to weddings, marriage, and divorce!

Check out the latest news on Arabia Weddings this week:

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Saudi Divorces Wife Over Soda Drink

Pakistani Man Kills Wife Over Lentil Meal

Woman Throws Fancy Wedding For Her Dogs

Lebanese Father Kills Daughter Days Before Her Wedding

Saudi Bride Gives Her Elderly Neighbor Half Her Dowry

Saudi Woman in Therapy to Deal with Husband’s Love

Jordan: 6 Guest Injured in Wedding Fight

Crazy Wedding and Marriage New in The Middle East This Week

This week we came across a lot of crazy and weird news related to weddings and marriage in the Arab World.

Here are the top news we found this week:


Saudi Man Asks Four Wives to Make a Draw to Divorce One Of Them

Emirati Husband Divorces Wife Over Unknown Phone Call

Emirati Couple Divorce in Text Messages

One Month of Marriage Costs Emirati Man 1 Million Dirhams

Khaliji Woman Asks Court to Help Her Get Money She Spent on Ex-Husband


Crazy News You Missed on Arabia Weddings!

Top News on Arabia Weddings This Week

Weirdest Wedding and Marriages News From the Middle East This Week

The Latest Fight between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humhpries!

Just when we thought that the battle between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries was coming to an end, the media posts a new battle between the once loving couple!

This time Kris Humphries wants Kim Kardashian to return her 20 carat diamond ring to him.


kim and kris fights


According to Radar Online reported that Humphries’ divorce lawyers want to depose Kardashian on camera, which the reality TV star is vehemently opposed to.

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