Our Services

Below is a list with Arabia Weddings sections and services that are available in both languages;  English and Arabic:

  • Directory: A directory of companies and wedding suppliers, such as; beauty salons, wedding planners, wedding venues, spas, fashion shops… etc. If you have a business related to weddings in the Middle East, please add your business here for free.
  • Special Deals: Hot offers from hotels, makeup artists, travel agents, wedding planners… etc.
  • Tips and Trends: The latest articles in wedding fashion, beauty, wedding planning, health and fitness, honeymoon, jewelry… etc
  • Wedding Planning Tools: Interactive online tools that help the groom and bride-to-be organize their wedding contacts, tasks and priorities and have fun by sharing their love with the people around.
  • Photo Gallery: A gallery of the latest photos of fashion collections, celebrity weddings, royal weddings, wedding cakes, wedding flowers, wedding accessories… etc.
  • News: The latest and hottest local, regional and global news related to weddings, such as; celebrity weddings, royal weddings, bizarre wedding news… etc.
  • Questions and Answers: Ask us to help you with your wedding plans. Your questions will be answered by experts in their respective fields.
  • Wedding Songs: Recommended English and Arabic songs for your entrance, first slow dance, quick dance, zaffeh, cake show… etc
  • Wedding Events: A calender of the upcoming wedding related events such as wedding fashion shows, exhibitions, conferences…etc
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