About us

Arabia Weddings was established in Amman – Jordan in September 2011 with a vision to become the leading and most comprehensive website in the Arab world that specializes in all matters related to weddings.

Arabia Weddings addresses a growing need felt by engaged couples across the region while planning for their Big Day. Presently, the process of finding and booking suitable service providers and seeking advice to help them plan their wedding is too stressful; time consuming; frustrating, confusing and costly.

Supported by Oasis 500, the MENA region’s premier education and counselor driven seed investment program for the ICT and digital media sectors, Arabia Weddings is a one stop online platform offering a wide range of benefits, valuable information, innovative tools and great money-saving deals to brides and grooms-to-be from the Arab world and beyond.

Arabia Weddings satisfies every inquiry and requirement that brides and grooms-to-be might have.  Its online directory provides contact details for hundreds of suppliers from most Arab countries. Wedding suppliers and service providers can now enjoy a wonderful opportunity to reach out and market their products and services to a very specific market segment that is eager for their services.

With the most advanced social media plug ins incorporated within its pages, Arabia Weddings has become the social media platform for the weddings industry, offering couples from across the region a platform to share and exchange their experiences, rate and comment on suppliers, create their own websites, post and share their own photos, use online planning tools, ask for expert advice and enjoy wonderful deals and products posted on its pages.

To contact Arabia Weddings, click here.

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