New Ahmad Ezz and Zeina Case Updates!



An Egyptian magazine recently shared pictures ofAhmad Ezz and Zeina‘s honeymoon.

The couple reportedly spent some time in Sardinia, Italy, accompanied by Zeina’s sister Yasmine.

The couple looked happy and in love, while enjoying their time on the beach.

The couple has also some pictures together in the U.S as well as Dubai and London.

Click here to see more pictures!

Egyptian actor, Ahmad Ezz‘ lawyer, Sarah Darwish spoke about the honeymoon pictures which were shared on social media channels.

The lawyer explained that the pictures are not fromZeina and Ahmad Ezz‘ honeymoon, but are from the days they were filming their movie together.

The pictures were taken in 2012, which the lawyer explains were way before Zeina had her babies, but during the filming Zeina insisted on taking pictures with Ahmad Ezz.

The lawyer also explained that why would Zeina‘s sister and Ahmad Ezz‘ brother accompany them to their honeymoon and take pictures with them? Which doesn’t make sense at all and is proof that the pictures are not from their honeymoon. Continue Reading Here!

For more Ahmad Ezz and Zeina news click here!


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