Arabia Weddings and Partner Launch Online Wedding Gift Registries


Arabia Weddings, the Middle East’s number 1 online wedding planning platform, and, the region’s first multi-store online gift registry, have joined efforts to promote’s online wedding gift registry on Arabia Weddings’ digital platform.

Launched in 2012 in the in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has over 50 partner stores offering more than 220 brands with over 5,000 unique products, covering everything a newlywed couple needs. From home furnishings and accessories, to appliances and electronics, kitchen gadgets and beauty products, makes life a lot easier for wedding guests to select, buy and send gifts to newlyweds from the comfort of their homes.

It’s so easy! Get started today

The partnership agreement with offers Arabia Weddings an opportunity to further expand its online wedding planning services to brides and grooms-to-be in the UAE.  In addition to offering brides-to-be rich content covering all aspects of the wedding, from bridal fashion tips and trends to honeymoon tips, Arabia also provides a large directory of wedding suppliers and service providers in the UAE and 12 other Arab countries, and offers brides and grooms a unique interactive wedding planning checklist and other planning tools to make the wedding planning process a lot easier, more exciting and less stressful.

As is expanding its online gift registry services in other Arab countries in the following months, its partnership with Arabia Weddings, which is visited by brides from around the Middle East, is key for its expansion in the GCC markets


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