Your Personalized Account on Arabia Weddings

Arabia Weddings has introduced a new feature on its Arabic and English online wedding planning platform which aims to provide brides and grooms- to-be across the Arab world with an interactive platform to compile and save their favorite content on the website.

Once you create your account on Arabia Weddings by answering a few basic questions, you will be able to save any of your favorite content that you come across on the website. Whether it’s a piece of news, or the latest fashion trend, or an image you liked in any of the galleries you saw on the website, you will now be able to click on the ‘Add to my favorites’ heart-shaped icon and save it in your own personal folders.

What you’ll see at the top of your personal account is My Personal Folders that includes 6 folders to make it neater for you to save 6 different types of content in them: Tips & Trends, News, Videos, Wedding Songs, Events and Albums.


My folders

You will also get 3 other folders in your account: My Planning Tools, My Orders and My Gift Registry to keep track of the various tools that you are using or orders for Special Deals that you may have placed.

So, create an account now and try it out. Enjoy!


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