Your Personalized Online Wedding Planning Checklist


Hello our dear bride,

Are you still feeling overwhelmed with all the wedding planning tasks that you have to do before your Big Day?

Are you confused about what you need to do first and by when?

You’re not alone, most brides-to-be we have met and interviewed feel the same. Many of them feel stressed out, confused, overwhelmed and frustrated.

We don’t envy you. You have to select your wedding gown, decide on your beauty look, book the wedding venue, choose the invitation cards, flowers…. and most likely, lose a few kilos.

Do you know what’s the most frustrating part of a wedding is for a couple in the Middle East?

It’s the invitation guest list. No wonder, our families are large and our friends and acquaintances are many. We are always treading on a thin line when we decide who we want to invite and exclude from the wedding.

To help you stay organized, we have carefully created a wedding planning checklist tool that lists many tasks that you need to do with a suggested timeframe.

Use it, it will definitely help you. Tell your friends about it.

To get you started, register to create an account on Arabia Weddings and use the checklist tool here. 


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