Our Interview With The Talented Dia Saleh of Dia Saleh Photography!

Dia Saleh is one of the top photographers in the Middle East. With over 20 years of experience in the world of commercial and fashion photography, Saleh’s wedding photography is refreshing, spontaneous and emotional.

We had a chance to meet with Dia Saleh and ask him a few questions about his passion for photography.

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  • What made you get into wedding photography?

I never planned on doing weddings, but people who saw my work in fashion started asking me to photograph their weddings because they liked my work.But I always refused since it was not my niche.

Yet people kept asking me to do their wedding photography because they wanted something different and out of the box, and they thought my style could add something to their wedding pictures. So I started working through a wedding planner who is also a very good friend of mine, and this is how it all began.

  • What is your favorite moment to capture in a wedding?

I love capturing the romance of the couple, I give the couple my complete attention in their private photo shoot before the wedding, when they can show their feelings, and I can have control over the photo shoot before the wedding starts.

I also love to capture pictures of the mother of the bride or the father of the bride, as they show a lot of emotions during the wedding, especially the mother who usually has tears of joy in her eyes, which I like to capture as well.

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