Our Interview with Saudi Fashion Designer Reem Faisal

Reem Faisal is a Saudi fashion designer, based in Jeddah. Reem specializes in custom creating evening and bridal couture.

Reem shared her latest bridal tips and trends with Arabia Weddings read the full interview here!

  • How should a bride know whether to go for a ready to wear Bridal ensemble or opt for Bridal Couture?

You may opt for Couture:

• When you have access to a well reputed couturier. Make sure the designer / couturier has enough expertise in Bridal couture with a stronger focus on evening wear. Bridal wear is a specialty on its own.

• If you have a specific theme or storyboard for the entire wedding. A couture dress allows for custom created details that add to the beauty of the occasion and your look. You may custom create the shoes, veil, hair accessories and bouquet ornaments by the couturier to give you an aesthetically successful collaboration.

• If you have at least three months time before the wedding day.

• If you’re individualistic and aspire to wear something specifically made for you.

You should opt for Ready to wear:

• If the wedding date is in less than a month.

• If you have a limited budget. Couture is generally pricier than ready-to-wear.

• If you have access to ample Bridal ready-to-wear brands and can easily find a gown that suits your needs.

• If you have the time, energy & patience to dedicate towards shopping and skimming through retail outlets.

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