Check Out Arushi Couture’s 2014 Haute Couture and Bridal Collection

Arushi an elite boutique in Dubai, has adorned loyal and elite clientele around the world for nearly three decades, the house ofArushi is synonymous with exquisite and intricate Bridal Couture.

Arushi Couture proudly holds its reputation as a pioneer amongst the wedding couture market.

Arushi, meaning “dawn” or “sunrise” in ancient Persian, exudes the magical combination of talent, passion and love

Mireille ALoughlin, owner of Arushi, was born in France, and has perfected the art of the luminous wedding dress. Often quoted as being visionary, Mireille has worked hard to assemble an outstanding team of unique and talented artisans, all of whom were specialists in fashion, textiles and crafts.

“Each wedding dress carries a story, an emotion, an image that is very personal and very heartfelt for each and every bride,” explains Mireille. “That is why it is so essential for me and my team to showcase this individuality and we do this by sewing each seam and each layer of couture by hand. Arushi would not be possible without my talented company,” continues Mireille.


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