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Need to Impress Your Fiancé’s Parents? Here is How!

Many brides-to-be worry a lot about meeting their fiancé’s parents; they all want to make a good impression and receive their in-law’s approval, love, and respect.

Here is how you can make a great impression on your fiancé’s parents:

  • Dress appropriately: Go for something classic and elegant, don’t overdress, or put on too much makeup.
  • Do your homework: Ask your fiancé about his parent’s likes and dislikes, so you can either do them or avoid them.
  • Bring a gift: If you’re visiting them at their house for the first time it is only polite for you to bring something with you. You can even take you fiancé shopping to ask him about his opinion; after all he knows them best. Make sure you don’t pick something too expensive or fancy, as you want something that is simple and thoughtful.

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Do You Think Kate Middleton Needs a New Hairstyle?

The Duchess of Cambridge‘s hair has been much analyzed as royal watchers have claimed she needs to reinvent her style.

Kate Middleton has barely changed up her look since joining the royal family in 2011, adding a long fringe in November 2012 is all the change she did, sticking with her tried and tested long locks with a soft wave.


Even royal stylist Denise McAdam, who has worked with the royal family for over 30 years revealed in a new interview with the Radio Times, that Kate’s hair can be a little “overdone”.

“I don’t do the royals any more, although I’m a good friend of the Duchess of Cambridge,” she said, “I think her hair is wonderful, maybe a little overdone at times. But she always looks lovely.”

“Camilla has tried to help and advised her to go shorter and lighter,” a source told the paper. “The royals always want to look smart and Kate is letting the side down. She has looked bedraggled recently and it’s not a good image.”

Kate re-invigorated her look last November when she underwent a six hour treatment by the UK’s most expensive hair dresser Italian born Rossano Ferretti.

You Will Cry and Laugh At This Video

A cute video is being shared on the social media that captures the moment a sensitive 2 year old girl is moved to tears when she hears her parent’s wedding song for the first time!

The little girl gets emotional after listening to Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk playing over a slideshow of wedding photos.

Her mother explains: “I showed my 2-year-old our wedding slideshow and it had the song, Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk, and this was the response she had.”

“She starts to cry every time she hears this song now.”

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