Ideas We Love for a Beach Wedding Theme

Whether you’re living close to the sea or not, summer is the perfect season to recreate the sea and beach atmosphere at a wedding with all its vividness and fresh air.

You don’t have to have a beach wedding or an outdoor wedding by a swimming pool to enjoy this theme during summer. Why don’t you bring the sea with its fish, beaches, shells, corals, and ambiance into the ballroom or your back garden to celebrate your wedding in a fun and innovative way.

There are so many different motifs to choose from to bring this theme to life. Whether it’s a shell, a star fish, a sea horse, an anchor, a dolphin or a combination of fish, you are bound to find the perfect idea that suits your characters.

Color Scheme:

The perfect color combination for a sea breeze theme is cream and light blue. But you can also have it in different shades of blue or mixed with any other color if you are using fish in your wedding décor.


Here are some ideas to help you get started>>>


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