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Your Fashion This Ramadan


We have many great articles this Ramadan to help you look and feel your best! 

Every lady loves to look her best when invited to Iftar or Suhour, and we are here to help you out.




All You Need to Know About Your Wedding Shoes


Your wedding shoes are as important as your wedding dress! Whether you are looking for the best tips or latest trends you will find them on Arabia Weddings! Check out latest wedding shoes articles:


Arabia Weddings Loves: Dried Fruits and Dates!


Dried fruits are a tasty and healthy alternative to sugary desserts during Ramadan and all year long.

Indulge in Dried Fruits this Ramadan

For decades, dates have been known for their great health benefits, and there is a reason why Muslims break their fast during Ramadan with a date:

Your Beauty This Ramadan Begins with Dates


Stay Healthy This Ramadan with Dates

News We Love This Week!

We are sharing the top news we came across this week! 


Woman Stages Fake Wedding Without Groom to Please Dying Father


Ritz-Carlton Dubai Opens New Indoor and Outdoor Events Spaces


Pictures: Tina Turner’s Wedding


Video: Donia Batma Engaged to Hala Al-Turk’s Father


SH’BAM is the New Zumba in Dubai


Dubai Latest Cosmetics: Made From Camel Milk


Tina Turner’s Wedding in Zurich

Tina Turner married longtime partner, music producer Erwin Bach, in Switzerland last week. 

Tina and Erwin have been living together for 27 years!

The bride wore a black and green gown while she danced and mingled with friends, including Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King. 

The 73 year old bride definitely stood out in her custom designed green Armani wedding dress!

Check out Tina Turner’s wedding pictures here!


Some of the A-list guests were David Bowie, Giorgio Armani, and Sade.

This is Erwin’s first marriage and Tina’s second, as she was married to Ike Turner from 1962 to 1976. 

Tina wanted a Buddhist themed wedding, as she has been practicing the faith since the ’70s. Within the Buddhist religion, colors play an important role and green symbolizes balance and harmony. Perhaps Tina’s wedding dress color of choice has a certain meaning.

Check out Tina Turner’s wedding pictures here!


Watch: Lebanese and Jordanian Marriage Proposals

Lebanese Marriage Proposal:

A young Lebanese man decided to propose to his girlfriend in a unique way!

Fuad Kheir Allah planned a special proposal to Remy Bou Rjeily while she thought he was in Kuwait.

Fuad and Remy’s brother worked on a plan to bring Remy to the cinema and watch the trailer of Fuad asking her dad for her hand in marriage. Click here to watch the video!




Jordanian Marriage Proposal:

The One furniture store in Amman witnessed a one of a kind marriage proposal.

Haitham Jaber wanted to propose to his girlfriend Seham Jobran in a unique way.

Seham was at the one shopping with her friend, when suddenly the shoppers started dancing! The people at the store were all trained to dance by Arthur Murray Dance Academy.

Once the flash mob ended Haitham appeared, walked towards Seham and got down on one knee.

Haitham explained that he has been planning this proposal for 6 months, and wanted to do it on the day of her birthday after he got her parent’s approval who were all present at the store. Click here to watch the video!