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Wedding Details You Might Forget

Planning a wedding can be so overwhelming that sometimes small details can be forgotten.

Here are the common details couples tend to forget in preparation for their wedding:

  • Confirm with all your suppliers during the week of your wedding; make sure you agree on the date, time, details, delivery and payment.
  • You won’t have time or the ability to eat once you’re getting ready for the wedding. So a healthy and filling breakfast is a must for every bride and groom no matter how nervous you are. Read more related tips in our Health and Fitnesssection.
  • Assign someone to take home the things you still want from the venue, such as centerpieces (if you want to keep 1 or 2), extra wedding favors,  the cake topper and of course, any presents that you may have received.

Sama Junaid Shares Her Wedding Planning Experience

Sama Junaid and Hamza Al-Askari got engaged on July 11, 2013 and got married on April 3, 2013 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Amman, Jordan. Read the full confessions here!

  • Did you hire a wedding planner or planned the wedding yourself?

I didn’t hire a wedding planner as I already knew exactly what I wanted and I had all the ideas in my mind. Plus, I knew the perfect people who could turn my dream into reality… so I was the one to contact the florist, the photographer and the DJ directly and they all did an amazing job. They worked as a team, giving me my fairytale wedding.

  • What is the biggest advice you can give any bride-to-be?

*Plan your own wedding! It’s a once in a lifetime event and you have to enjoy every second of it. The wedding day is going to fly by so fast and all you’ll be left with is the memories (and the photos)!

*Be organized! I had a small calendar and notes inside my purse at all times! Whenever I remember anything, I write it down. Plus I had a schedule for when everything had to be done and it felt really good to scratch things off my to-do list.

*Be creative! I didn’t stick with the classic wedding programs that all people do…my husband and I did a special tango dance which I couldn’t have done wearing my wedding dress. So, I changed the dress 10 minutes before the buffet, we did our show and it amazed everyone. Also, we didn’t do the classical slideshow… we arranged with the photographer to do a video clip in the Dead Sea… everyone loved it!

*Start early! It’s never too early to start planning and gathering your thoughts and ideas…I ordered my wedding dress 3 months before the wedding date was even set. We did the video clip and the photo shoot back in December. It gives you a lot of time to focus on other things and help you decide with a clear mind.

More pictures of Sama and Hamza’s wedding here!

  • What was the theme and color scheme you picked for your wedding?

Calla lilies are one of my favorites flowers, and as my wedding was in April they were in season. So I had my wedding themed around the Calla Lilly. It really showed my touch and personality, even the guests felt it and said that walking into the ballroom simply reflected the bride’s taste. Continue Reading>>>

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Are you getting married in Amman in August 2013?

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