Arabia Weddings – The Sweet Smell of Testimonials

It is always gratifying to know that the work you are doing is touching others’ lives and making an impact.  Above all, it is important for team members to know that their contribution and hard work is appreciated both internally and externally by our users.

Arabia Weddings

It’s been a year since we launched the Arabic version of Arabia Weddings which followed the first beta version of the English interface by 5 months. One factor that we have scored high marks on that provides a great sense of achievement and accomplishment, is our users’ feedback and unsolicited comments about Arabia Weddings.


We would like to share with you some of the comments that we received last week. Here are 5 comments received from brides in Jordan:

Sarah Omyan, who is getting married in August e-mailed us saying: “Thanks for ur support and feedback am having a lot of help through ur amazing website.” Su Hafez, who has booked her wedding venue through Arabia Weddings, said “it was a great offer you provided us with…. thanks a lot :)”. Razan Marzouqah wrote saying “thanks for your usual support and thank you for having an amazing website that is extremely helpful,” while Noor Hammad said “I’m one of the biggest fans of your website & I nearly visit your page daily.”  Nadine Jaradat added a comment on her Venue Booking Form saying “I love Arabia Weddings; you’re doing a great job! Thanks for providing an amazing website.”


We have heard many great comments by brides, and sometime, by mothers of the bride or groom, saying how much they find the website useful and check it regularly for inspiration and advice. But the best comment we’ve heard a few weeks ago, was from a bride-to-be who phoned in praising the website and expressing her love for its content saying “every time I start reading your articles and browse the website I feel like giving the website a very big hug”J.

Well, hugs and kisses to all our fans and users. You make us proud of the work we do.

Arabia Weddings Team


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