Bride Barina Abaza Shares Her Wedding Planning Experience with Arabia Weddings



Barina Abaza and Muhannad Varoqa met in 2002 and got married on the 15th of September 2012 at the Exit Club in Amman, Jordan. Arabia Weddings asked Barina some questions about their wedding preparations and planning.

  • How did you and your husband meet? 

Our love story started as a puppy love when Muhannad was 16 and I was 13. We met on the airplane on our way to Russia in 2002. We were too young for a serious relationship back then, but we bonded and built a very strong friendship. When we both went to collage it became official and we knew that we belong to each other.

  • Did you hire a wedding planner or planned your wedding yourself? How was your experience?

The Exit Club provided us with their wedding planner and it was the best choice to make; he had good experience with the venue and all the arrangements that can be applied there; we planned everything together and it turned out way better than we imagined. Continue Reading>>>


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