Best TV Proposals! Perfect for Valentine’s Day!


Are you planning on proposing to the girl of your dreams on Valentine’s Day? After all is it the most romantic day of the year.


We are here to help you out!


Check out these proposals from our favorite TV shows to give you some ideas.

Monica and Chandler (FRIENDS)


Monica surprises Chandler by filling the house with candles. While proposing, they both start crying and our favorite part is when Monica says: “There’s a reason that girls don’t do this!” Then Chandler takes over.

Robin and Barney (How I Met Your Mother)

After an elaborate plot, Robin falls into the “trap” that Barney’s been planning for weeks. We especially love how Barney finally gives Robin a note with “Hope She Says Yes” written on it, and then presents her with a beautiful ring.

More TV Proposals Here>>>




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