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“Shoe Obsession” Exhibition



The “Shoe Obsession” exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum in New York is full of amazing and funky designs for the shoe lovers.

The exhibition, showing off 153 desings. Here are a few>>>



Jason Wu’s Beauty Trends for 2013

Jason Wu


Jason Wu is ready to take over the fashion world, especially after he garnered a CFDA award and dressed First Lady Michelle Obama for the Inaugural Ball twice.
Jason Wu also teamed up with Lancôme for the makeup look this season.

Makeup artist Diane Kendal created a cat-eye makeup paired with muted cheeks and lips for the models.

HuffigntongPost reported their mini interview with Diane Kendal, as she broke down the beauty steps:

“We’re first lining the eye with a purple eye liner, and then placing the pigment all over the lid. On top of that, we are using a purple sheen powder, just in the center, to give a little pop of the color. To finish, we are lining the eye with a thin black strip very close to the lashes. We’re also brushing the eyebrows and extending them slightly.” Continue Reading>>>

Bride Barina Abaza Shares Her Wedding Planning Experience with Arabia Weddings



Barina Abaza and Muhannad Varoqa met in 2002 and got married on the 15th of September 2012 at the Exit Club in Amman, Jordan. Arabia Weddings asked Barina some questions about their wedding preparations and planning.

  • How did you and your husband meet? 

Our love story started as a puppy love when Muhannad was 16 and I was 13. We met on the airplane on our way to Russia in 2002. We were too young for a serious relationship back then, but we bonded and built a very strong friendship. When we both went to collage it became official and we knew that we belong to each other.

  • Did you hire a wedding planner or planned your wedding yourself? How was your experience?

The Exit Club provided us with their wedding planner and it was the best choice to make; he had good experience with the venue and all the arrangements that can be applied there; we planned everything together and it turned out way better than we imagined. Continue Reading>>>

Top 6 Wedding Pinterest Accounts to Follow

We are now officially Pinterest addicts! We have had our own Pinterest account for some time now which is proving very popular among brides, as well as grooms, believe it or not, in the Arab world.

Arabia Weddings recognizes the impact that Pinterest is having on the wedding planning process as it allows brides to create their favorite inspirational boards on all wedding topics.

In this article on “Arabia Weddings is Helping Brides on Pinterest”, we introduced our own Pinterest account back in 2012.
But what about who we follow and favor? Here are our favorite 6 Pinterest accounts to help you out with your wedding.

The Perfect Pallete

Style Me Pretty


Chic Vintage Brides

Intimate Weddings

The Pretty Blog

How to Pack a Lighter Suitcase


We all hate travelling with heavy luggage! It’s an unnecessary burden for sure! Besides, most airlines allow for 23 kilograms per passenger travelling on economy fair, and the rest will be labeled as overweight.

It’s not always easy to pack a light suitcase, but here a few tips and tricks to help you out!

Write a list: Write everything you need on a paper, and then pick all your necessities, so you don’t over pack.

Layers for winter destinations:Instead of packing bulky sweaters, pack a few items you can wear together and stay warm at the same time. It will take less space and softer fabrics are usually easier to pack.

Roll: Roll your sweaters, cardigans and jeans, to make more space for other items.

More tips here>>>>

Red Flags You Should Never Ignore in Your Marriage

Every couple has to work hard on their relationship to keep it as healthy as possible. When it comes to marriage, there are some red flags you should never ignore.


Alert: Lack of Communication.
If you and your partner don’t share your daily ups and downs, this is a very serious sign of lack of communication between you two. So try discussing your updates, emotions and thoughts with your partner, to help you resolve future issues. E-mails don’t count here!


Alert: Building Walls.
Distancing yourself from your partner when you disagree or fight is never an answer. Ignoring and distancing yourself will only make communication and reconciling more difficult. Instead, try and express how you feel calmly and listen to your partner’s opinion with an open mind.


Alert: Criticism.
Criticism isn’t always a good thing, it is the way you do it that affects your partner and vice versa. There is a limit when it comes to criticizing your partner, try turning your criticism into advice instead.


Easy Tips for a Successful Marriage


The day-to-day life routine can sometimes affect your marriage in a very negative way.
But don’t let this ruin your relationship with your partner. Marriage can be a wonderful experience if you put in the effort.

Here are 4 tips to help you have and maintain a successful marriage!

Plan on being impulsive: Sometimes you’ll feel stuck in a routine, but you don’t have to if you try to be a bit spontaneous. Get your partner a gift for no reason, bring him/her breakfast in bedor prepare a candlelit dinner.There are many things you can do to make your partner feel special.
Never go to bed angry: No matter how big your argument, try and discuss it with an open mind.If you can’t agree with each other, then agree to disagree but don’t go to bed angry with your partner.

Continue reading>>>