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Our Facebook Celebrations!


With reaching 100,000 fans on our Facebook page we decided to celebrate with our fans!

We held a small event at Sa Scene beauty salon where we offered the brides to be many beauty services.

No celebration is complete without a cake of course!

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Your Turkish Wedding

Now that the Middle East is crazy about all the Turkish TV series, you cannot but notice how many traditions, customs and foods the Arab World shares with Turkey.After all, many of the Arab countries were once ruled by the Ottoman Empire!

So if you love everything Turkish, why not have a Turkish-inspired wedding? Read Full Article>>>

Start off by taking your friends to a Turkish bath. Let the groom do the same with his friends, just to get you into the Turkish mood and ambience. This could be your bridal or bachelor shower party.

For some Turkish wedding traditions, we found out that in Turkey, the bride is hidden from the groom and the groom has to pay her relatives to let her leave her house. When both families agree on the marriage, gifts are exchanged between them.

Some lanterns and Turkish-inspired decorations your guests will love.

Turkish-inspired wedding favors. Fill them with Turkish delight and decorate with a blue evil eye.

As for the menu, we don’t need to tell you that Turkish cuisine is among the most delicious of cuisines in the world.

Serve your guests some Turkish Delight and other Turkish sweets for dessert, some Dolma, Lahmacun and refreshing Ayran drinks.

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Best Grooming Products for Men by GQ


GQ shared their favorite grooming products of 2012, so we had to share them with you to benefit from them in 2013. These guys know what they’re talking about! Read Full Article Here>>>

Clarisonic Mia

“It wasn’t just that our complexions cleared up. The overall quality of our skin improved. Try it twice a week in the shower, on a scruffy day. The extra exfoliating makes for the perfect preamble to shaving.”

SircuitCosmeceuticals I. Cee. U.+

“This paraben-and-preservative free eye serum is a life jacket for guys who like to keep things natural but also do a little raging. Wake up, dab a bit around your eyes, and it’ll help erase bags, dark circles.”

Dolce &Gabbana Pour Homme

“Your foremost concern with cologne should obviously be finding something you really like, something you don’t mind smelling for twelve or more hours a day. But should you happen to want a juice that’s trending, there wasn’t a bigger thing this year in the fragrance world than florals. (Yup, flower smells for guys.) D&G’s sweet concoction has a hit of iris, a rare ingredient that turn-of-the-century dandies swore by. Perfect for refined dudes with serious swagger.”

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A Beautiful Bedouin Wedding





Most people can relate to the Bedouin lifestyle in the Middle East, so we think it is time that brides and grooms start making their weddings more oriental and related to the Arab World we live in.

Here are some beautiful ideas and pictures for a Bedouin-themed wedding to inspire you and set you off on a journey infused with tradition and culture.


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Get inspired. Learn the latest Tips & Trends in wedding planning, wedding etiquette, fashion, beauty, health and fitness, flowers, catering and a lot more. These tips and trends will help you a lot with your wedding planning and give you the best advice to prepare for your Big Day!

Study Shows Women Gain More Weight After Marriage



Marriage is a life-changing event, the effects of which are evident in several ways including the bathroom scale!

According to a study released in August 2011, researchers from Ohio State University found that women tend to gain more weight than men after marriage. 

Researchers looked at survey data from a nationally representative sample of more than 10,000 men and women in the US who were 14 to 22 years old when the survey began in 1979. The participants were questioned every year until 1994, and then every other year afterward.

Scientists found interesting gender differences when they focused on the two-year mark after a marriage. Although both men and women who married tended to gain weight compared with their counterparts who stayed single, women gained more weight than men.

Following marriage, the researchers suggest, wives may encourage their husbands to adopt a healthier lifestyle, helping men maintain their weight or even lose a few excess pounds. Women, on the other hand, may tend to eat more and exercise less after getting married and starting a family because of the stresses of child bearing and maintaining a household.

The effects were strongest among those who were 30 or older at the time they got married. Younger people didn’t show as consistent a pattern in weight gain or loss after marriage.

How not to gain weight once you’re married? 

Workout Ideas for Couples

How to Avoid Weight Gain After Your Wedding

Stay Fit While You’re Running Around for Your Wedding