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Dear Men: Embrace the Turtleneck!



This season, the turtleneck or high-neck has been seen all over the runways of high-end fashion shows.

And how convenient is it for this cold, cold winter?

Turtlenecks always look better worn underneath something than on their own.

Did you know? Steve McQueen, named The King of Cool, was a big fan of turtlenecks>>>>




New Bride New Confessions!

hala and rami

Hala Diwaneh and Rami Shnoudi got married in May 2012 in Amman.

  • When was the wedding held and where?

We had a church wedding on 25 May 2012 at the Orthodox Church in Sweifieh, Amman followed by an evening reception at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Amman.

  • Did you hire a wedding planner or planned your wedding yourself? How was your experience?

We did not hire a wedding planner actually, we like doing things on our own. We knew the florist, the photographer and the DJ. At the Grand Hyatt, Rand Aranki helped us in the wedding program and the design of the cake.

You might also be surprised to know that I did the design of my 3-meter long veil.

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Tips on Meeting his Parents for the First Time



Everyone knows this is a big step in a relationship when he’s asking you to meet his parents! So now that you’re both committed, you definitely want his parents to like you.

Meeting your partner’s parents for the first time can be a bit stressful, and since first impressions are important, here are a few things you need to keep in mind>>>

How About a Candy Themed Bridal Shower?


We have previously given you ideas on a candy themed wedding“Candy Themed Wedding Pictures”.

But this time we have some beautiful ideas for a sweet bridal shower. Here are some ideas we love>>>


Let the Fun Begin with a Carnival Wedding Theme

A Sweet Wedding with A Marshmallow Theme

Your Chocolate Wedding

2013 Top Hair Trends!


We absolutely love these hair trends for the bride of 2013.They are fun, creative and stylish. They also go very well with any face shape.

Many hair trends for 2013 are taken from the runway.Designers such as Valentino have revived the braid.

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We have also seen a lot of hairstyles inspired by the 20’s.

Marc Jacobs and Jenny Peckham gave the ponytail a more glamorous look.

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Here are some of our favorite hair trends for 2013:
We love this braid, which crowns the head, inspired by Valentino Spring 2012.>>>>

Your Geeky Wedding!


Geek is the new cool this season, and we decided to give special attention to all the geeks out there. We wanted to share some super helpful tips for you to plan your wedding your way.Your wedding is your special day, so make it a celebration of who you are. Here is how you can plan a geeky wedding>>>

Winter Wedding Color Shades: Oxblood, Maroon, and Burgundy!



These beautiful deep red shades are the hottest colors this season. Whether in fashion or decorations, make sure you enjoy these deep warm shades of red.

How can you include this rich color in your wedding? We are here to inspire you>>>