Your 2 in 1 Wedding Planning

What do we mean by 2 in 1? Well, it’s basically doubling up the use of an item at your wedding reception by using it for 2 different purposes.

When planning a wedding on a budget, the bride and groom are under pressure to create a perfect memorable once-in-a-lifetime wedding with the lowest possible budget. Sensible, but can they actually do that?

The good news is; with our 2 in 1 suggestions listed below you can definitely save a lot of unnecessary expenses and reduce your budget.

Here is how you can save money, but still have every detail you want for your wedding:

2 in 1 Cake and Dessert Course: Who needs a dessert buffet when you can serve a delicious wedding cake at the end of the dinner? Skip the desert buffet; just include some seasonal fruits for your dieting guests.

2 in 1 Centerpieces and Favors: If you want to have beautiful centerpieces but still want to have wedding favors, we have the perfect solution right here. Turn your centerpieces into favors for your guests to take home at the end of the wedding, by grouping the favors and arranging them in the middle of the table with a few flowers and confetti. Continue Reading Full Article>>>


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