A New Bridal Confession by Jamileh Al-Alami


Arabia Weddings’ very own Jamileh Al-Alami recently got married. And where better to share her experience than on Arabia Weddings?

Jamileh is a freelance writer, editor and lecturer at the German Jordanian University. She is the Editor of Arabia Weddings. We couldn’t wait to have her over for coffee after she got back from her honeymoon, and hear all about her experience.

Click here to view more pictures of Jamileh and Justin’s wedding!

Here’s what she told us: (Read full article)

How did you and your husband meet?

We actually met a few years ago, but never really talked or saw each other after that. In 2011, we met again at a friend’s gathering, and talked for a while. His name is Justin and could definitely pass for a foreigner, so obviously we held the first few conversations in English throughout seeing each other with mutual friends.

This one time, he said something in Arabic (in a very thick Jordanian accent I might add) and I was shocked! It turns out he’s half Canadian half Jordanian, from Salt. We got along so well so quickly, and whenever we’d go out with friends we’d end up just talking and talking and talking. I guess we established a connection, and slowly but surely, fell in love!

When was the wedding held and where?

We decided to do things differently. Seeing as he’s from Salt, Jordan, his family wanted a traditional wedding with Arabic music, traditional Arabic food, and close family and friends. The way I always imagined my wedding to be was an outdoor day wedding, with all my friends around me, Jazz music playing in the background and lots of delicious finger food. Continue Reading>>>>



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