Get to Know the Readyluck Wedding Photographers

Arabia Weddings had the chance to chat with Shane Carpenter, Lindsay Hite and Jacqueline Schlossman, the people behind Readyluck Wedding and Event Photography.

Here is what they shared with us about their artistic vision, passion for professional photography and what distinguishes Readyluck, together with some useful tips on wedding photography for brides and grooms.

  • Where did the idea for Readyluck come from? How did you decide to join forces?

Shane Carpenter, Lindsay Hite and Jacqueline Schlossman came together with a shared philosophy and approach to image making. Readyluck specifically focuses on wedding and event photography with an emphasis on creative portraiture and photojournalistic storytelling. We approach photo documentation differently and creatively, and seek to work with couples who share this similar artistic vision.

  • What does ‘Readyluck’ mean?

The term ‘Readyluck’ is a term that captures both our philosophy as artists and our approach on love. It also speaks the essence of photography.
Luck is being ready -in life and in love, as we carry ourselves along with open eyes, hearts and minds. To be in the right place at the right time involves preparation and an acute awareness of light, form and detail. It also requires an agreement of chance, of unknown paths crossing; a coming together.

  • In your own words, what is so special about Readyluck and who are the photographers, and how are they chosen?

We are a collective of photographers and our clients choose us based on their gravitation towards our unique style and approach as a whole, and further as individuals. We each inform and expand one another’s vision, and draw upon a wide breadth of creative living (art, music, food and travel). And we share sensibilities about genuine, sincere moments and wonderful portraiture with each of the couples that we work with.

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