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Vote for the Lucky Couple Who Is About to Win the Amazing Honeymoon Cruise!

The clock is ticking for 3 Jordanian couples participating in a competition organized by Arabia Weddings that gives a great opportunity to one lucky couple to win a cruise honeymoon in the Mediterranean sponsored by Cruise Club Jordan.

Arabia Weddings, an online wedding planning platform, has created an online tool which helps couples create their own wedding website on Arabia Weddings.

Through their own website, couples can share their love stories, engagement news, wedding planning details and upload their photos. The contest is coming to an end by the end of the month.

The judging criterion is based on the number of page views their wedding website has received and the number of Facebook ‘likes’.

The winning couple will be announced on October 1st. The 3 runner up couples are:

Reem and Eyad whose love story started back in 2007 when they first met at university; Eyad in his 3rd year and Reem in her 1st. They got engaged last June and are planning on getting married in August 2013.

Walaa and Mohannad met in 2008 and are getting married in December 2012.

Nour and Sharhabeel who have just got married!

This week will be your last chance for you to vote for your favorite couple! So start voting for your favorite couple and help them win that amazing cruise!



The Royal Wedding of Brunei Sultan’s Daughter Princess Hajah Hafizah


Princess Hajah Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah, 32 years old, and Pengiran Haji Muhammad Ruzaini, 29 years old, were presented to the royal court in a lavish traditional ceremony at the sultan’s 1,700 room palace on Sunday.

wedding celebrations for the daughter of one of the world’s wealthiest men, the Sultan of Brunei, included glittering jewels and the echoes of a 17 gun salute.

The bride, dressed in a crystal-beaded beige and silver gown, was ushered into the throne room by sixteen royal guards carrying ceremonial spears and shields.

The guest list included 3,000 guests, including Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, Philippines President Benigno Aquino and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen.

The groom, wearing beige and gold brocade to complement his wife’s ensemble, was escorted to the bridal dias where the sultan took Ruzaini’s hand and placed it on the bride’s forehead as a symbolic blessing and gesture of affection in Malay culture.

And according to Plush: “The monarch also bestowed the groom with the royal title “Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak”, which roughly translates as “Son of His Highness” and is reserved only for the upper tiers of Brunei’s aristocracy.”

“Two pots of crystal flowers, with eggs tied on to the stalks, were placed next to the bride and groom on the dias to represent the hope of a fertile marriage.”

Queen Elizabeth II also sent a message to the Brunei royal family , which has ruled the sultanate for 600 years, congratulating the newlyweds and wishing them “a happy wedding day and many blessed years together”.

It is the first time one of the sultan’s children, 5 sons and 7 daughters from three marriages, has married since 2007.

Hafizah, who has a degree in business administration, is the 5th child of the sultan and Queen Saleha and works as an officer at the finance ministry.

Muhammad Ruzaini is a civil servant in the prime minister’s office.

Click here to view the wedding pictures!

Moroccan Magic for Your Wedding


A Moroccan wedding theme is a great way to have a fun, whimsical wedding with an oriental Middle Eastern touch.You don’t have to be a Moroccan or be marrying a Moroccan to enjoy this vibrant wedding theme. Anyone can opt for it.

What we like about a Moroccan themed wedding is that the possibilities are endless, and you can do most of the decoration yourself, which can save you a lot of money. Click here to view the full article!




We have compiled pictures of our favorite Moroccan inspirations but if you can’t get enough of these beautiful pictures, click here to view our Moroccan theme gallery!




6 Tips to Always Look Fabulous on Your Honeymoon!


As a bride-to-be you have to look pretty and beautiful on your honeymoon, right? But you don’t want to have too much makeup on 24/7, try to leave the makeup for fancy dinners and nights out.

Look beautiful and natural all day and night while on your honeymoon with these tips; your husband won’t even know you made the effort.

#1 Drink lots of water: We can’t stress that enough! While on the plane, you need to drink lots of water so that your skin won’t dry out, and also to avoid bloating, swollen feet and puffy eyes.

#2 Sunscreen: You must wear sunscreen all day and every day, even if you are not swimming or tanning. Better yet, get a face cream that has SPF in it.

#3 Bronzer: Use bronzer even if you don’t want to apply foundation or any makeup at all, a small amount on your cheekbones and nose, and you will instantly look fresh and healthy. Read full article here>>>>

The Latest 8 Nail Polish Collections You Should Try


As the weather is getting chillier by the day, we’re getting more excited for the latest nail polish colors trending this fall. It’s all about darker shades and hues this coming season!

First of all, make sure your nails are always trimmed, clean and shaped before applying a dark color; darker colors aren’t meant for covering a bad or chipped manicure.

Try on rich colors, such as dark red which looks great on every skin color, as well as dark blue, plumand mossy green.

As for the endless debate of metallic vs. glitter, sorry glitter lovers, metallic is the winner for this season.

These are the latest nail polish collections that you should try:

Essie, Stylenomics Collection

Nicole by OPI Metallic Target

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A Striped Wedding!

We previously gave you ideas for a “Polka Dots Wedding”, and now we’ve come up with a wedding theme that’s all about stripes!

Stripes can be very elegant if used creatively, and you can create a whole theme based on stripes. Polka Dots are usually more for spring, but stripes go with every season.

You can either pick bold stripes or smaller ones, but we are seeing a lot of bold stripes this season. All you have to do is pick 2 of your favorite colors and have a beautiful striped wedding. Here are a few ideas that we hope you’ll fall in love with>>>

Fall 2012: Wedding Cake Trends!


Every season, not only does bridal fashion change, but wedding decorations and wedding cakes too!


This fall, Arabia Weddings is bringing you the latest trends in design, decorations and flavors when it comes to wedding cakes.


Bored of the same old chocolate, vanilla or fruit flavors? Spice it up this fall with yummy flavors such as pumpkin, caramel or mix both for extra richness. How about cinnamon and maple? Or a ginger flavored cake?


Decorations and Design: Here are some images of our favorite cakes for this fall>>>>