Creative Ideas for Your Wedding Place Card Holders

We have recently posted “Seating Plan 101” all you need to know about preparing a seating plan for your wedidng.

If you are planning on having a seating plan at your wedding you will need place card holders.

First if all for you who don’t know what “Place Card Holders” are:

Basically they are cards which your guests will be taking to know where they will be sitting.

Now you have 2 options when it comes to placing these cards:

#1 you can place the cards at the entrance, written on each card is a table number for each guest to sit at according to how you’ve arranged the seating plan. (You will need an usher to stand at the table to help guests know where to sit.)


#2 you can have the names of your guests printed out on the cards, which are placed in front of each seat.

Here are a few creative and fun ideas that we like:

Oranges:  Or any fruit of your choice can be used as a card holder! Fruits such as Orange, Lemons, and Apples are easier to deal with, this fits perfectly in a Citrus Wedding Theme and Coral & Turquoise Wedding theme.


Check out the full list of ideas here >>


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