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“Mac Archie’s Girls” MAC to Launch Full-Color Cosmetics Collection with Archie Comics’ Betty and Veronica!


Mac has chosen to partner with some pretty impressive characters this season, Betty and Veronica from Archie Comics!

The beauty brand will launch a full-color cosmetics collection with Archie Comics called “MAC Archie’s Girls”. Read more >>>


L’Occitane en Provence Shares Best Summer Tips for Using Eaux des Cologne

L’Occitane is sharing the best 10 tips on using Eau de Cologne:

1. Neck/ Ears/ arms
Shake a little bit of Cologne onto your palm and rub your hands together quickly. Rub over your neck, and behind your ears for an invigorating effect.
Apply the Eau de Cologne on a wet and cold washcloth and pass on neck, shoulders and arms for a cooling sensation!
You can also spray on a handkerchief and rub it over your arms, the back of the neck and legs, or anywhere else you are feeling warm. The alcohol will evaporate quickly, imparting a cooling sensation.

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How to Plan The Perfect Bachelor Party!

Usually brides-to-be take the spotlight from the groom-to-be, but even grooms must celebrate this important time in their lives!
Whether the groom’s relatives, friends or even his bride want to throw him a bachelor party before his wedding, here are some great ideas and tips: Read full article here!

5 Mistakes Brides Make With Their Mother-in-Law

You may have watched ‘Monster-in-Law’ or heard horrible stories about sour relationships between newly weds and their mothers-in-law, but that is not necessarily the case.

There will be some awkward moments and some tension at times, but you should be clever enough to rise above the trivial issues and deal with your new situation sensibly and in the best interest of your long-term marital relationship.

Some brides think they are being smart by building walls and putting limits for their mother-in-law, so that she won’t interfere with their personal life. This is a mistake.

There are many other mistakes that you might make without noticing if you are not careful enough. And that could cause tension between you two. What could these mistakes be?

Click here to view the top 5 mistakes that brides are prone to make when it comes to their relationship with their mothers-in-law!

How to Plan Your Wedding During Ramadan?

Are you planning on having your wedding right after Ramadan? Then you certainly don’t have enough time to leave any planning details till after it’s over.
Here is what you need to do before and during the holy month of Ramadan.

#1 Dentist
Go to your dentist before the holy month even starts. Fix your teeth and whiten them for a perfect glowing smile on your big day. If you are based in Jordan, check out our 2 deals for teeth whitening! And our article on Teeth Whitening at Home!



#2 Venue
Ramadan or not, you should book your venue way before your wedding date, especially if Ramadan is coming up, as hotels and ballrooms are normally fully booked right after Ramadan. In case you have not booked the venue yet and you are getting married in Amman, check out our 3 venue deals.


Check out the full list of tips on how to plan your wedding during Ramadan here >>


Engaged? Create Your Own Wedding Website in Minutes!

Are you engaged to be married? Congratulations! How about you begin your beautiful journey together by creating your very own wedding website?

Websites are not just corporate tools anymore. Many individuals, families and friends create their own websites for different personal and social reasons. A trend that has been picking up in Europe and the United States recently, but not so much in the Arab world yet, is for engaged couples to create their own wedding website.

The beauty of having your own website if you are already engaged, lies in its simplicity and benefits. You don’t have to be a tech expert or a computer geek to create your own website. Many online tools are available to help you do that. And the best part? You don’t need to go any further than Arabia Weddings. It’s all here on this website.

Read more about Wedding Websites, their benifits and how to build them and one more amazing thing! Our Wedding Website Contest and its Faboulous Prize!