The Popular Wedding Planners in Jordan & Lebanon Talk about the Latest Wedding Planning Trends

Wedding planning is not an easy affair. You need to be attentive to details, and look at every aspect of your wedding in a comprehensive manner.

Let’s look at what a selection of Jordanian and Lebanese wedding planners and sound and light experts have told Living Well Weddings and Layalina magazines about the latest wedding trends for this year.


Amjad Marar and Ibrahim Sweiss of Triad say: “Venue transformation is a hot trend! And it’s accomplished by using pattern projection and articulate lighting, whether the venue is indoors or out. If you want to create a memorable and unique atmosphere, use the latest technology to help you achieve total re-invention of any venue.”


wedding planning


Leena Alsulaiman and Zainab Alsalih of Carousel say: “A lot of people are going back to traditions, what was once old is fast becoming the new “new”. Rich color palettes and combining blooms instead of single flower arrangements, and return of the traditional wedding cake. People are now looking to have a timeless wedding instead of a wedding that is filled with fads that may not look good in a few years. There is a movement towards more green and eco-friendly weddings. Finally, trailer style videos and candid photography are becoming a huge trend.”


Read the full list here >>




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