Looking for Unusual Honeymoon Destinations?

Are you looking for something different, rare, and unique for your honeymoon? Lonely Planet has recently posted its choice of 10 Unusual Honeymoon Destinations!

Here are the top 10 Unusual Destinations and what Caroline Sieg from Lonely Planet had to say about them:

#1 Hiddensee Island, Germany

“A pristine Baltic island with no motorized transport where horse-and-wagon rides or tooling around on bikes are the only ways around. Amble across dunes and long stretches of sand, or tuck yourselves into a Strandkorb (beach basket), a wicker half-shell chair for two that shelters you from the wind as you watch the waves.”


#2 Shelburne, Vermont

“Taste award-winning wine at the town’s namesake Shelburne Vineyards, known for its crisp northern varietals, and enjoy locavore-friendly (locally-sourced) food at elegant restaurants where farm-to-table cuisine reigns and tastes supreme.”


For the other 8 Unusual Honeymoon Destinations, read the full article here…




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