How Can You Have a Fun Interactive Wedding?

Are you tired of the same weddings, over and over again? Are you hoping your wedding can have a unique touch? Or have a wild interactive element?

This year, it’s all about involving your guests as much as you can at your wedding, and making sure your wedding is interactive and FUN!

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Have a canvas ready for all your guests to get artistic. It will be an original idea to keep them entertained until the festivities begin, and it can make for an excellent art piece for you to keep as a souvenir.
  • Add an interactive touch to the table settings by creating a crossword puzzle, or a quiz that your family and friends can answer according to how well they know you. Questions can include how the two of you met, where he proposed, what do they think your future children are going to be called, etc.

Find 7 more Ideas for an Interactive Wedding here >>


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