Tips on Planning Your Perfect Henna Night

Having a henna night before your wedding day is a great way to bring your female friends and family members together to have fun and enjoy each others’ company. You should always stick to the oriental theme when it comes to your henna night. After all, that’s what it’s all about right? Think Arabian Nights!

What is a henna night? Traditionally, a Henna Night consists of the female relatives and friends of the bride getting their hands and feet painted with Henna.

Henna Traditions: Although these traditions were taken seriously in the past, nowadays a Henna Night is only a fun event to celebrate the bride. But just for your own information, Henna Nights were usually held the day before the wedding. The bride’s Trousseau is taken from her home to her new home.

Henna Night

Is Henna Night different from the bridal shower? Henna nights and Bridal Showers are quite similar in concept; they are both held to celebrate the bride before getting married. Except that Henna Night is more traditional and focuses on the grooming of the bride. When hosting a Henna Night, there are standards and traditions that should be taken into consideration. It always has the same theme, unlike bridal showers where you can have it however you want.

Find here our tips on how to plan a Perfect Henna Night >>



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