Creative Proposal Ideas to Get you Inspired

Do you want to propose to the one you love, but you don’t know how? Well with Valentine’s Day and love in the air; grab this opportunity to propose on this special day.

Read these proposal ideas to get some inspiration:

For a Private Proposal:

  • Buy a box of chocolate and replace one of the chocolates with the ring you bought. Your partner will be shocked that you only got them a box of chocolate, but once you get them to open it, you will get the sweetest “yes” ever!


Chocolate Box with a Ring

  • If you are considering proposing to her in a restaurant, don’t hide the ring in the food for 2 very obvious reasons: 1) Let’s face it, it’s been done over and over again, in real life and on screen.  2) You don’t want her to end up in the ER! So think of something different, ask the chef if he could write the phrase “will you marry me?” on the dessert plate. Do stay traditional by getting down on one knee.


Read the full list of Creative Private and Public Proposal Ideas here >>



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