The Latest Bouquet Trends From Beirut’s Wedding Folies 2012

For the creative and stylish brides out there, are you bored with the classic and traditional bouquets? What about carrying your bouquet with Family Gems or Jewelry? Think Sparkling bouquets for your wedding this season! Bejeweled bridal bouquets are definitely trending!

Bridal Bouquet - Beirut's Wedding Folies 2012

Bridal Bouquet  Trends - Beirut's Wedding Folies 2012

Arabia Weddings have recently visited the Wedding Folies Show in Beirut and chatted with Ms. Youmna Baladi, designer at Atelier Bellagio for bridal bouquets based in Beirut.

Ms. Youmna Baladi told Arabia Weddings that: “accentuating the fresh flower bridal bouquet with family jewels is a new trend that is picking up in Lebanon. The bouquet, like an Haute Couture piece, is a unique creation making use of the most refined fresh flowers. The ultimate touch is to finish it off with a precious family gem”.

Read the full details and check out the photos of the latest bridal bouquets here >>



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