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Reasons Why Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries’ Marriage is Fake

According to Bonnie Fuller, the President and Editor-in-Chief of Hollywood Life, there are 4 reasons why Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ marriage is fake:

Kim-Kardashian-and-Kris-Humphries 2



Reason 1: “Kim never spends any time wrapped up in normal post-bride obsessions. Any woman who’s been married knows that your first weeks of married life are consumed with post-wedding follow-ups. Brides stress over the thank you notes for their wedding gifts. They fuss over the wedding photos and making an album. They can hardly wait to see the wedding videos — the personal ones, not just their upcoming Wedding Special”.

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Special Deal for a Honeymoon Cruise in the Mediterranean

A great romantic honeymoon cruise pacakage visiting the most beautiful cities in Italy, Greece and Croatia.

2500 USD per person in double room for 8 days.

Price includes:

–          Accommodation in inside cabin for 7 nights with all meals

–          Air ticket Amman / Venice / Amman

–          Transfers from Venice airport to the ship and Vise Versa.

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5 Make-up Tips Before your Wedding Day

1. Book a consultation session with your makeup artist before the wedding in a few weeks.

It’s always best that you leave the experts to do what they do best. You can always suggest certain looks that you prefer, of course, so that the stylist can know your taste and what you prefer. Also, be sure to bring pictures of your wedding dress and tell them what you’re thinking of doing with your hair so that they can assess the overall look. If you’re planning on experimenting with fake eyelashes, or a bold look, now is the time to do so: Before your wedding!

2. Make sure you have all the make-up you need for touching up during the big day.

If your stylist is going to be with you throughout the wedding, then you don’t need to worry about touch-ups. But other than that, with all the dancing and perspiring, (As well as all the hugs and kisses) you will most likely need a proper touch up every couple of hours. A few items that we can suggest are a dependable concealer for under the eye and spot touch-ups, a light oil free pressed powder, lipstick, and lip liner or gloss.

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Tips for the Perfect Look on Your Wedding Day

These makeup tips will help you get the perfect look on your wedding day:

Perfect Bridal Makeup

  • Prep your skin, exfoliate and moisturize your skin before applying makeup.
  • Groom your eyebrows. Your eyebrows are a main feature in your face. Have them groomed neatly (do not over pluck!) and lightly fill them in with a pen or shadow to make them look fuller. Do that a couple of days before the wedding to avoid irritation.
  • Fake eyelashes are always great to enhance your eyes; single eyelashes make you look more natural.

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12 Facts about Wedding Planning in Jordan

Arabia Weddings conducted a wedding planning survey in November 2011 in Jordan which revealed interesting fact about wedding planning in Jordan. Here are some of them:

1) 50% of all weddings in Jordan take place at 4 and 5-star hotels, while 28% are held at wedding halls and 16% at clubs and restaurants.

2) Nearly half of weddings in Jordan (48%) invite 200 to 300 guests, while a quarter of all weddings in the Kingdom (25%) invite 300 to 400 guests.

3) 81% of engaged couples set a wedding budget; 53% of whom end up overspending.

4) Average wedding spending in Jordan including engagement rings and honeymoons was found to be as follows: 30% spend between JD 10,000 to JD 15,000, 23% spend between JD 5,000 and JD 10,000, 16% spend between JD 15,000 and JD 20,000, 9.5% between JD 20,000 and JD 25,000 and 9.5% between JD 25,000 and JD 40,000. 5% spend over JD 40,000. (JD1 = $1.4)

5) Nearly 32% of marriages have an engagement period of over a year.

6) Most weddings in Jordan are planned within 3 to 9 months (55%), with 32% of engaged couples plan their wedding in less than 3 months.

7) Over 63% of couples don’t use wedding planners. Many (38%) attribute that to cost while others (36%) find it unnecessary.

8) The most favorite part of wedding planning is wedding dress shopping and honeymoon planning, followed by the selection of entertainment and music, flowers and pre-wedding parties.

9) The most critical elements in wedding planning are makeup and hairstyles of the bride, as well as, honeymoon planning, followed by the wedding dress and photo and video services.

10) The least critical elements of wedding planning in Jordan are having a wedding planner and the pre-wedding parties.

11) Over 47% of brides and grooms in Jordan use the Internet as their primary source of inspiration for their wedding, followed by 24% who identified their friends as their source of inspiration.

12) 23% of brides have made a purchase over the Internet for their wedding.

Details available in this press release.